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Current Litters



Nicnak Hip Hop and Rocky Creek Southern Charm's beautiful puppies arrived January 24th.

An exciting litter of all caramel fleece puppies, medium in size. Our medium range is 13 to 20 kg in weight.

This is Hip Hop's very first litter but she is handling her babies like an experienced mum. We have 4 girls and 2 boys.

Thank you Rosemary from Rocky Creek Vineyard Labradoodles for sharing this gorgeous boy. What a charmer he is too.

These puppies are all SOLD.


                    Nicnak Hip Hop                                                                Rocky Creek Southern Charm



Gaga Giselle and Nicnak Blarney have had Australia Day puppies.

Giselle has had 9 very sweet little babies. We have 7 boys and 2 girls in the colours of gold, cream and black.

This litter will also be mediums in size and all have fleece coats. Great job Blarney.

These puppies are all SOLD.



             Gaga Giselle                                                              Nicnak Blarney



Nicnak Diamond and Nicnak Chance have puppies!

We have one chocolate girl and she has 2 chocolate brothers and two black brothers. These five gorgeous babies will be miniature in size

and all have beautiful fleece coats.

These puppies are all SOLD.



                           Nicnak Diamond                                                                                             Nicnak Chance




To see photos of our puppies as they grow please go to our 'Nicnak Labradoodles' Facebook page.



Planned 2018 Litters

To apply for a puppy from one of our 2018 litters please complete our Puppy Application Form.






Nicnak Missy and Nicnak Macintyre will have very cute miniature puppies due mid March.

This will be Missy and Macintyre's second litter, photos of their first litter can be seen on the Nicnak Labradoodles Facebook page.

We were so impressed with their puppies we decided to repeat the litter. These puppies will be black and white parti or chocolate and white parti with fleece

and wool coats.


This waitng list is CLOSED.


                             Nicnak Missy                                                                                        Nicnak Macintyre  





Nicnak Poppins and Nicnak Chance are expecting miniature puppies, due late March.

We are very excited to have Nicnak Poppins having her first litter here at Nicnak Labradoodles. We are expecting a litter with chocolate, black, cream,

caramel and gold puppies with fleece coats. Chance has been a busy boy, just wait until you see how cute his babies are.

This waitng list is Closed.


                                       Nicnak Poppins                                                                                            Nicnak Chance




Our Breeding Mums

Here at Nicnak Labradoodles our breeding mums and dads live nearby with their very own family. Our mums have a maximum of 3 litters, before retiring to a life of long afternoon naps and happy family life. After our Mums have their second litter, they have a years break before having their last litter.


Puppy Applications


To apply for a puppy from one of the above litters please complete our Puppy Application Form.


Guardian Puppies

Our Guardian home program allows local families to have a great Nicnak Labradoodle at a fraction of the price. The guardian home puppy lives with their very own family, returning to us to have their puppies, a maximum of 3 litters for the females. The guardian dog is desexed at our cost, once they have completed their breeding career. They then live happily ever after with their guardian family. If you are interested in being a guardian family please contact us for more information.


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